Beverley is a woman who ran a business with her husband. They were successful for more than 20 years but this road has now come to an end. After running a successful business, Beverley and her husband will be taking much-needed and deserved time off, by retiring. They are both over the age of 65 and their bodies are tired.

Beverley is having a cup of coffee with her friend, Desire. They love each other’s company.

“The one thing that Conrad and I have realized, is how we need to cut back. The grocery basket has become smaller while the price has risen,” Beverley tells her friend. “We also need to look at the properties that we have invested within. The upkeep costs of these properties are not worth the sweat and tears. The renters expect a problem to be sorted out the next day but when they leave the property, most times damage control needs to happen. It’s not worth it anymore,” Beverley continues.

Although Desire doesn’t understand the sweat and tears that Beverley talks about, she has a little understanding of the frustrations. Beverley continues to tell Desire about retirement life. Desire gets the idea that it came as a shock to Beverley and her husband.

“I keep on asking God to keep me healthy,” Beverley tells Desire. “I do not want to be a burden to my children. I want to be able to do things for myself and not rely on them.” Desire nods her head in agreement.

“I agree, Beverley. I tend to think that it’s a blessing when we do not live long lives. Many times money is scarce when we retire. There’s no more monthly income and luxuries are no more. Health declines and with that the medical costs rise as we get older. Not many of us can afford medical aids which leave us to visit a state clinic or hospital, which are most of the time in adverse conditions. If we are still blessed, we have our marriage partner with us but if not, times can get lonely. The children work, which means we are alone during the day. No one to talk to, or that we want to,” Desire adds.

They both sigh.

Elderly people who either live by themselves or in old age homes are pretty much alone most of the time. Although there are other people in the old age home, they still feel lonely. They crave time with their children and grandchildren. You can be surrounded by many people but still, feel alone. That’s how it is in old-age homes.

For others who can afford to stay by themselves in a house, they are lonely. They are not busy with work anymore and are not surrounded by colleagues. They long for a phone call from their children and grandchildren. They long for a visit.

For other elderly people, comes the pain of not having a provision in the form of a retirement fund. Or their health has deteriorated to such a level, they need care. In some cases, the children take care of their parent who is sick, in other cases, they are placed in frail care. These people live in bodies or circumstances that are unpleasant. Their emotional wellbeing might hang onto a threat. They need emotional support from their family. They need someone to bear their burden with them.

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